¿Quién es el padre de Hiruma?

Padre: Yuya Hiruma.

¿Cuál es la velocidad de Eyeshield 21?

4.20 segundos, velocidad real de Sena. 4.10 segundos, una sola vez durante el último duelo contra Shin. 5.01 segundos, imitando Panthera.

¿Qué significa Eyeshield 21?

Eyeshield 21 (アイシールド21 Aishīrudo nijūichi) es un manga deportivo sobre fútbol americano escrito por Riichiro Inagaki y dibujado por Yusuke Murata. Fue adaptado para película de anime en 2004, (en «Jump Festa»), una serie de televisión en 2005, muchos videojuegos y juegos de cartas hechos por Konami.

¿Cuánto mide Kobayakawa Sena?

Sena Kobayakawa

Sene Kobayakawa
Estatura 1,50Mt. m
Peso 48 kg. kg
Ocupacion Estudiante Jugador de Fútbol Americano
Relevancia Personaje principal

¿Cuánto mide Sena Eyeshield 21?

Sena Kobayakawa

Sene Kobayakawa
Eyeshield 21
Otros nombres Eyeshield 21 (Alias) Maldito secretario/Maldito Enano,Cabeza de Alcornoque(Hiruma)
Edad 16 años
Estatura 1,50Mt. m
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Who is Eyeshield 21?

Takeru studied abroad starting at 11 years old, attending Notre Dame Middle School and creating a name for himself as Eyeshield 21. He was discriminated against due to being Japanese, but his resolution never broke, determined to settle these conflicts on the field and prove his worth through games.

Is Sena the real Eyeshield 21?

An interesting development is that the fraud of Sena as Eyeshield 21 comes to light. Apparently there is a real Eyeshield 21 who actually attended Notre Dame and is back in Japan playing in the tournament. The volume ends with the quarterfinal match between the Poseidon and the Devilbat team about to begin.

Is this the real Eyeshield 21’s perfect run?

This was the run that Shun Kakei saw in America which he called the real Eyeshield 21’s perfect run. It’s an extremely powerful technique that, even if one could catch him or strike him, the run still can’t be stopped.

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Is Yamato the original Eyeshield 21?

Takeru Yamato (大和猛, Yamato Takeru) is the running back for Teikoku Alexanders and is the original Eyeshield 21 before Sena officially became the Real Eyeshield 21 after beating Yamato at the Christmas Bowl. Yamato is incredibly good-looking, with brown eyes and wavy brown hair and bangs that cover the left side of his forehead.